Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not a way to win business...

Third Saturday in the salon (my full-day) and despite some icky weather I actually got a very pleasant pedicure client today! I was hoping to get a pedi done on myself but alas, it did not happen. XD I'll have to bribe someone to do it Tuesday or Wednesday night. :3

Today was sort of short seeing as we needed to be fairly cleaned up by 2ish, even though we close at 5. Our Tammy Taylor rep was coming in to do a demonstration and I was looking forward to asking her about why our kits were not standard and why there were obvious things missing (in my case, Sanitize spray and A+ Monomer - I got the Odor-less which is about the shittiest thing that has ever shitted).

Now, don't get me wrong - there are a few of the Tammy Taylor products that I do like. Some of the Prizmas are very pretty, I like their Pink & White (the P3 is very pretty), the A+ Monomer is fairly low odor (especially compared to the OPI competition liquid and CND Retention +), Miracle Manicure is a GREAT gel sealer, the soak-off gel system has a nice consistency, and the primer (while stinky as hell) works quite well. BUT, the attitude of the rep makes me want to not continue to use any of their products on a regular basis.

First off, her original meeting with us was supposed to be the weekend of Easter - now I understand that it  was a holiday weekend but had she met with us then she would have had the opportunity for three demos with us instead of just two (going by the six-week demo schedule). She didn't even bother to inform us of the fact that she wasn't coming until my teacher questioned it so that was a bit on the unprofessional side. Oh well.

Today though, she was originally supposed to meet with us at 2:30. This is a bit inconvenient as we had quite a few of the massage clients that were wanting pedicures (and one who wanted acrylics) that we had to either refer to the cosmo students or turn down due to timing. Our teacher warned us that the rep was very long-winded so we had to be cleaned up by 2 or we'd be rushed to be out of there by 5.

She apparently tried to stop by at noon, while we were at lunch (much needed seeing as I hadn't eaten breakfast and was fading fast!) seeing as there was supposed to be a weather system moving in that would make her drive home a bit more tedious. Understandable, but we are not at your whim, lady!

ANYWAY, the demonstration started and my first impression? "I'm better than all of you our products are amazing but I'm not actually going to sell you on them I'm going to assume you believe this and take my word as gospel."

Yeah, I know we are provided your products in school to use and therefore we have to use them unless we wish to shell out our own money for  product (I use OPI competition on my own nails, though), but you're not selling me on KEEPING using your product once I graduate.

She also had several moments of utter condescending and I seriously just had to smile and nod. When I brought up the contents of my kit, she almost made it seem like it was our teacher's fault (which it totally isn't) and simply told us to call Tammy Taylor CS about it - if I was a sales rep I'd be the one making the call myself to make sure it was taken care of properly.

I mean, in the end I got some good sculpture techniques and ball-consistency techniques out of it - but it's something I'll be applying to OTHER products. :/

Coming up next week: backfills! I get to be demo'ed on since the teacher is taking pitty on my poor smile-lines (plus I have the quickest growth).

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  1. Oh man, that rep lady reminds me of one of the teachers we had at my TW course. There were two memorable teachers- the one for MS Office, and the one for Adobe Framemaker. (You need to know at least both, because different employers will have different systems). Our Office guy was great, I really feel like I can use any of it's programs backwards and forwards and in my sleep. Framemaker though? It felt more like an advertisement pitch than an actual class. She kept singing the praises of Framemaker, her main (oft-repeated) tagline was "IT'S VERY STABLE". Which is great and all, but whenever she tried to actually instruct us, she'd bumble around for twenty minutes, and then go back to her pitch. IT'S VERY STABLE. We had her for seven hours a day, for an entire WEEK ._.

    (P.S. it does turn out that Framemaker is indeed a stable and useful tool, but I had to figure out how to use it myself.)

    Wow I thought this had something to do with nails but now I'm not sure it does o_O