Thursday, February 7, 2013

Julep Cupid Mystery Box!

First time posting from my phone, so bear with any mistakes!! :)

I got my Julep Cupid Mystery Box today, and luckily the mail man came before I left for work! I ended up with 5 polishes and a lip gloss! Possibly my best mystery box haul yet!
5 polishes and a lip gloss! Woo!
Colors are, from left to right: Molly, Carrie, Lynn, Maria, and Evangeline.

Molly is a gorgeous cream red. Application and coverage were super quick and it had a good mix of blue and orange tones, keeping it right in the middle of the reds.

Carrie is absolutely a bubblegum pink cream. It's an older release, before they changed to the wider brush. Still, went on well and finished gorgeous.

Lynn isn't something I'll see myself wearing often, but it is really pretty and will be good for my clients. I'm actually thinking it might be something nice to buy my mom for Mother's Day as well, as that's one of her usual color families. It's a slight shimmer with fairly opaque coverage (first coat was a bit sheer, second covered).

Maria. OHHHH Maria. A super pretty purple/pink metallic. Pretty easy to get linear without much trouble, but cap your free edge first, as with most metallics/frosts!

Evangeline is a polish that is not listed on Julep's site and the bottom says it's the 33rd polish for 2013 (if I'm reading it right). The box was advertised as having either a coupon for a free color of your choice (which I did not get), or a mystery holographic. If Evangeline is the mystery holographic well...I am disappoint. :( After the awesome that is Rebel, Evangeline had absolutely NO holographic effect to it. I didn't get to look at it in sunlight as it was cloudy today, but even under my desk lamp I couldn't get anything. Rebel BLINGED under my desk lamp. I got a reply from Julep CS today and Evangeline is NOT a holographic. The advert was apparently wrong and you could either get Rebel, Ginger, a gift cert for a polish OR an unreleased mystery color, which was Evangeline. I appreciate their pretty prompt reply but I'm a little :/ about the misinformation in the advertisement. I think they're still trying to pass this off as a holographic but I'm not 100%. The polish and swatch are at work so I'll check it out when I get in today.

Overall, I'm happy with this mystery box. One of the better ones they've put out. I've got an email in to CS to inquire about the 'holographic' so we'll see what they say. I didn't get any dupes (except for the lip gloss which I'd lost anyway so SCORE), and all of the colors are great for me.

Expect a post of nail art with Molly and Carrie up soon. ;)

PS: Remember, if you're not a Julep Maven yet and would like to try it, go here to sign up! You can get your first box free if you use the code FREEBOX! Can't beat that!


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    1. Fixed the reply button...woo!

      But yes, I love it! It's such a smooth metallic, it really is! I want to use it badly, but it's not working into any ideas I have for right now. I'm obsessed with creams and glitters for some reason and I can't get them out of my head! LOL!