Monday, May 21, 2012

NOTW: Neon French Twist!

Anyone who gets the colors (and why they're in that particular order) and why they are this week's NOTW gets fifty internet cookies. :)

Colors used (thumb to pinky) - Aciiied, Purple Passion, Bubblegum, Top Turquoise, & Pink Punch (All Model's Own)

I was thinking about adding some art but honestly I like the simplicity of just the french. I sealed it with gel so if I want to I can add art later without ruining the french! (And this way, I have to keep them for a week before I fill! HA!)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Model's Own Update

Finally caught up with Model's Own's customer service (had to forward my email to them because of their moving offices) and they've taken care of the issue and will be sending me the three polishes that are missing from the Beetlejuice set.

While it's been a pain in the ass having to wait nearly 2 months for all of the polish I originally ordered, their customer service IS good about things (they could have just brushed me off and told me there was no proof, etc, etc, instead of sending the missing polishes and not asking back the ones that were sent by mistake.)

I will definitely be doing business with them and look forward to being probably the only nail tech in my area (hell maybe even all of Florida) that uses Model's Own.

Heck, maybe in the long run when I'm working at a salon that allows it or running one of my own, I'll even see about being a distributor. I really do love their polish a ton.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glitter Acrylics with 3D Art

Had a client today who wanted something funky so we went with glitter acrylics and a bit of 3D art!

Tips & 3D are Tammy Taylor Prizma Colorz (meh but it's what we had, I need to get some of my own). I topped it off with a Spectraflair topcoat and a gel sealer. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

NOTW: Hot Pink & White Acrylics

My teacher got a super-hot-pink acrylic powder the other day and I wanted to darken the pink on my current pink & white acrylics anyway so...

This was the result. :Db

I'm adoring neons and how on-trend they are right now, so it was a perfect choice and something that will last through manis and pedis at school (since I don't like sealing my manis with gel topcoat because I change up so much, but I DO seal my base acrylics with gel topcoat to make nail art easier. :D)

SO, these are off-brand hot pink acrylic and OPI competition opaque white sealed with IBD gel topcoat. Two coats of a spectraflair topcoat and then the black stripes.

Have I mentioned how much I love the spectraflair topcoat? No? WELL IT'S FREAKING AWESOME, OKAY? *__*

SEEEE? *pets it* This picture doesn't even really do it justice. T___T

SO these are my NOTW, I'm going to be good and try not to change up too much - :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Timing, baby!

Just a quick post to say: I did a full set of pink & whites on myself last night with gel topcoat in under an hour and a half. I'm like.... crazy happy my timing is getting perfect. Also timed myself on a pedi tonight and I was right at an hour and 5 minutes. :Db

Tomorrow I'll be volunteering at the Relay For Life booth my school is setting up doing polish. I also just got my May Julep Maven box in the mail and will be posting swatches of Kylie (magnetic) & Ellie (opalescent sheer) hopefully sometime tomorrow.

EDIT: And NOW I remember what I was actually going to post about. One of my biggest nail enhancement pet-peeves? French manicures that don't completely cover the natural smile line. It looks SLOPPY to have one or two bits of natural free edge peeking out from under your tip/acrylic/gel, etc. :/ Saw it under the nail art tag on tumblr and just shuddered.