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Welcome to Andii's Candiis! I'm a (now) part-time nail technician in Florida and an absolute polish-holic. I don't always get a lot of time for myself being a mother of one active toddler with another on the way in August, so my nails are my own little respite!

While I took the plunge and became a certified nail technician, the competition of slashed-price nail salons in my area has forced me to put that passion on the back burner and go back to work full-time in an office. I'm still taking clients at the salon I work at part-time, but it's not something I can devote my entire time to right now. :(

That being said, it does give me a bit more time to focus on my own nails and specifically nail art!

I also want to spend some time on this blog posting different nail-care tutorials and such. I know there are a lot of 'at home' services happening now, and I've seen the repercussions of some of these in the salon. I can preach all day long about how it is cheaper to have a licensed technician take care of you in the long run for services such as acrylic and gel, but I know it's a moot point. So look forward to tutorials in the future, specifically related to gel polish application and removal, as well as acrylic (when I am no longer pregnant).

Feel free to email me at andiiscandiis@gmail.com any time if you have any questions!

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