Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Preparedness: Julep Base Mani

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My salon has made the decision to eliminate acrylic nails from our menu in an effort to move toward becoming a 'greener' salon. We're also in a fairly small space and the ventilation just really wasn't there. While it makes me a bit sad that I have a lot of acrylic products I love, I'm also happy seeing as my second pregnancy is giving me a bit of trouble and I'd like to avoid the fumes if all possible.

That being said, we're contemplating adding gel enhancements to our menu. Our other cosmetologist that does nails is not familiar with gels, and the product is all mine so I'm not sure how it would work, but I threw on a set of Gelish Soak-Off Gel Enhancements on over tips yesterday to see how well they wear. I still need to get my hands on Pro Bond, but my local CosmoProf has yet to carry it. I'm sure as hell not waiting until Premier Orlando in June to get it, so I'll more than likely have to order it online soon. I used an IBD gel primer for these and it seems to be holding up well enough. Not something I want to use for clients, though. (I got distracted while writing this and ended up ordering ProBond through the ONLY place I could find it. Gelish, why for you make your enhancement products so hard to purchase even for pros???!!!)

ANYWAY...distraction. Where was I? Oh yes. Remember how I said I was going to use Molly & Carrie in nail art soon? Well, it's not nail art...yet (have to be at work for that, and I don't go in til later), but I've got the base down....with some added bling. :3

Carrie on most, Molly on Ring & Thumb (not pictured). Right hand is opposite.
AND THE BLING - Oscar under the tips.
I wanted some form of glitter in with this mani, but I didn't want to ruin the nice soft look of the cream on the main nail. I've never done peak-a-boo tips, but Oscar seemed like the perfect option for it! That is two coats and I may still end up with another in the end, I'm not sure.

An update will come later when I do the design on them I have in mind at work. I'll cross-post to tumblr at that time as well, as it'll be my 100th post and I want it to be ~special~.

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