Friday, February 8, 2013

NOTD: Valentine's Day Part 1

Ended up without a babysitter so work had to be cancelled for today, but I stopped by to give my boss her birthday card and pick up some of my art supplies to do my art on the manicure I posted earlier!

I wanted to do something a little special because when I post to tumblr, it will be my 100th post on that blog.

Unfortunately, my white pen decided to give me a bit of shit, so I'm not 100% happy with the thumb, but I can deal for now. I also lost the awesome sun I had this morning as a cold front is moving in, so bleh. Pictures turned out fairly well, though.

Used a stamp for the lips because, really, how awesome is that stamp?!!!
This is just the first set of nail art that I have planned for Valentine's Day. Since my husband has to work day of, we're going to celebrate with a family trip to the State Fair on Wednesday and I want to do something EPIC. I've got a batch of water decals coming my way that I hope are here for that. *___*

PS: I did a bit of tweaking to the layout here and have a new one up. I am also now on twitter! Follow me? I'll be posting little tidbits and such and lots of pictures of nail finds! :)

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