Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last night we got our student ID cards, so what did I do today? I REGISTERED AT COSMOPROF! To be honest, SalonCentric kind of has a better selection (and they carry Tammy Taylor, which I can get cheaper on their site, but either way...) BUT CosmoProf has a better selection of OPI axxium and stuff like that. I didn't splurge on axxium yet (I'm actually waiting for Premier Orlando because I know I can get it dirt cheap comparatively there) but I DID pick up the Creative Retention + Trial pink and white set to try out tonight in school. My teacher is a die-hard Creative fan and while I picked OPI clear, warm pink and white the other day, I DO want to try Creative's line.

I also managed to snag two OPI colors I hadn't seen previously: DS Radiance & DS Reserve. Radiance is a silver metallic while Reserve is a pretty pink one. Both don't streak bad at all, which can sometimes be an issue with metallics. :) It's so much nicer to buy OPI now that I'm not paying $8 a pop for it, lol.

I'll update with how I like the Creative tomorrow sometime. :) Going to use it to put a full set of pink & whites on tonight. :)

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